Presidential Top Knot

Who the fuck is cutting onions in this place?

Presidential Top Knot is!



Evan, Daniel, Edward, and Tim began writing original music in the summer of 2016 in Levittown, PA.  The style and songwriting mixes elements of the folk punk and alternative rock genres, being compared to acts such as The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, and Arctic Monkeys.



If you happened to catch them busking around town or playing a house show before PTK officially began, you would probably heard covers from some favorite bands like The Beatles, The Lumineers, and Sublime. 


Listen to "Thirst Aid Kit" Now!

“Thirst Aid Kit” is PTK’s first official release in October 2017 and was recorded by Jack Hubbell of Telyscopes in his home studio in Blue Bell, PA.  



The album pulls you in with the toe-tapping beat of “Turn Your Head & Cough” and takes you through a roller coaster of punk riffs and poignant lyrics, culminating in the sing-a-long tune “The Zipline Defense”. 


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